Much more than just a Beatles tribute band.
The performance of the Beatbox aims to revive the power and allure of the legendary quartet from Liverpool, leaving nothing to chance: the instrumentation is identical to that used by the Beatles in their historical concerts, their clothes are made by the same tailor who created the ones for the American tour of the Fab Four.
The show runs through the memories and the discoveries of several generations, with performances very faithful to the original ones, to rediscover the enthusiasm and the optimism of the Swinging '60s.
4 Musicians gave life to this project and their curricula are more than noble: Alfio Vitanza, Mauro Sposito, Guido Cinelli and Massimo Gori, who boast collaborations with big names of Italian Pop Music (Anna Oxa, Eugene Kelly, Antonello Venditti, New Trolls and many other).
24th March 2012, Trecenta (RO), Italy
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